I decided to write this blog article after an incident from yesterday that made it clear, we as a ethnic group are still operating in the 20th Century when it comes to financial instruments and financing our future. We will never become the financial force that our foreparents were thinking one dimensional. You make money today by controlling the financial deal. Find out where you have an advantage then exploit that advantage for your purpose. Be aware of the entire financial documents that control your needed consumer items whether its a car, house, furniture or any other large purchased item.

Leverage your financial power to take advantage of each purchase opportunity and understand nothing is permanent and you can always lose something so reduce your risk factors and move on when the circumstances presents itself. Wealth is not measured in how much money you have but how much power and networking ability is at your disposal. Assets have endless worth because its value is measured on what someone will pay to own it. Manufacturing has come and gone. What someone produces in a physical sense no longer is valid into today’s economy. The three largest business enterprises today produces no physical product. Google, Facebook and banking institutions sell information and leverage monetary instruments ie. Bitcoins and stocks. The largest banking institutions today have assets in the trillions and control market share. Banks leverage a small percentage of their market share with some risk taking by lending money to local high risk Money Stores who line our community streets. Making high interest loans to urban poor. Its well-known by lending banks that a high percentage of those loans will fail but those that do pay will make those ventures into urban areas very profitable in many ways. And on another plane those loses are profitable as well.

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