Struggle With Mental Health At Work

Global Study Gives Perspective On Mental Health Struggles At Work There are at least four national awareness days in October dedicated to drawing people’s attention to mental health issues. There’s National Bullying Prevention Month, National Depression Screening Day (October 10) Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 6–12) and National ADHD Awareness Month. With so much information, […]

Tax Break For First Time Buyer

This tax break for first-time home buyers could keep the housing market afloat It’s not easy being a home buyer these days. U.S. home prices are high, housing inventory is low, and consumer sentiment is wobbling. A federal tax break for first-time home buyers will help. Even with the recent interest rate cuts, there hasn’t […]

LookOut Seniors Trump Attacks Medicare

Watch out, seniors: Trump just launched a stealth attack on Medicare Donald Trump signed an executive order regarding Medicare at Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center October 3, 2019, in The Villages, Florida “The administration and its congressional allies are playing a game of bait and switch” Watch out, older Americans and people with disabilities! […]

Nursing Home Breeding Ground

Nursing Homes Are a Breeding Ground for a Fatal Fungus Maria Davila lay mute in a nursing home bed, an anguished expression fixed to her face, as her husband stroked her withered hand. Ms. Davila, 65, suffers from a long list of ailments — respiratory failure, kidney disease, high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat — […]

Free Tuition For Seniors

10 Colleges That Offer Free Tuition for Seniors Seniors enjoy discounts for just about everything. Did you know that can even include the cost of higher education? Some schools think it’s a smart idea. Whether through a state-supported program or school-based initiatives, there are plenty of opportunities to learn — and earn credit toward a […]

Senior Fed Tax Forms

New Federal Tax Return for Seniors Is in the Works Uncle Sam hopes to offer some relief soon to seniors who hate poring over federal tax forms crammed with words and boxes. The IRS recently released the second draft of a new federal tax return, called Form 1040-SR or “U.S. Tax Return for Seniors.” The […]

Employer HealthCare Exploding

Cost of Employer-Provided Health Coverage Passes $20,000 a Year “As you read the article below beware that healthcare costs and who pays for research has a basis for their reasoning. HealthCare cost will always be the driving force behind our economy for many years and no one person or plan has all the answers” Once […]

And The Winner HealthCare??

Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy Quietly Entered an (Almost) $4 Trillion Industry Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are three of the biggest names in retail. And despite the ruthless competitive nature of their relationship, all three are currently thriving. But over the past few years, each of these companies has been planning to venture into […]

A Novel Idea Gov Gavin

Stunning Rebuke to Predatory Wall Street Megabanks’ as California Gov. Signs Law Allowing Creation of Public Banks “The people of California just went up against the most powerful corporate lobby in the country—and won.” California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday signed into law historic legislation that would allow the state’s cities and counties to establish […]

Amazon Bank

Is Amazon Bank the Future of Banking Business owners and consumers may want to brace themselves for the next massive Amazon shakeup. Financial analysts forecast that Amazon could one day become a formidable leader in the finance industry. In a short five year period, experts forecast that up to 70 million consumers may turn to […]