A Crisis of Despair

Many millennials, born after 1980, joined the workforce during the Great Recession, so they faced low starting salaries and tough job prospects. And are now saddled with student debt. Almost two-thirds lack a bachelor’s degree, which in today’s economy is a near-prerequisite for jobs that provide higher wages and benefits.

Meanwhile, marriage is almost non existence within our culture happening later and less often. Religious affiliations are not prevalent in the least and union membership protection have declined to only a small fraction the population, so when life doesn’t work out well for millennials, they’re on their own.

Black and Hispanic cultures are immensely without college degrees rapidly falling behind economically and socially. In the midwestern states formerly called the Rust Belt, employment has declined drastically giving rise to the election of Donald Trump because as a candidate he was the only voice during our past election who touched those sentiments of despair within this group. Many not even taking advantage of casting a ballot for a presidential preference leaving a critical void for Trump to fill.

Nestled against the gray-green waters of America’s Great Lakes, lies town after town left abandoned by this lack of concern for manufacturing within our politics, It has gotten so discouraging and desperate local and state governments have left the infrastructure in crisis mode. Note the water crisis in Flint Mi that has permanently damage a entire society of children who drank high concentration of leaded water for years with local official covering up this mess. The chance to rebuild these infrastructure items, that will give employment to the jobless, is moving into national disaster area. Noting the mass disruption of transportation in the city that boost the gateway to the South(Atlanta, Ga) where a major interstate has been completely blocked from a bridge caving into ongoing traffic. State government official leads us to believe that a homeless person causing a fire under the bridge cause this disaster but anyone with common sense knows you don’t burn brick, mortar and steel with a simple fire. Look for more disasters of this kind in the very near future.

These former grand red-brick factories around the great lakes have broken windows and vine-covered exteriors. The local plants, who still employ skilled and unskilled laborers have shed almost half their workforce in recent years—those jobs are continuing to be cut each year. Plants and factories from the midwest to the deep south encompassing the third largest state Texas. Today one of the largest rising employment environment includes the healthcare industry. Growing signs of life, with real high-paying jobs that require only a high school education are limited but gives hope to those in despair.

High school graduates who go straight into the workforce have higher unemployment, weaker wage growth, and less chance of marrying than their predecessors and educated peers. A college education has to become a major policy initiative and fighting the cost of obtaining those degrees should be strongly focused as one state in the Northeast (New York) has decided to positively raise college enrollment by paying tuition for its residents. Community support for improving lives have broken down, and as the disadvantage snowballs, premature deaths along with serious depression rise.

The fates of the less-educated and those who graduate from universities diverge in dire ways. Middle-aged ethnic Americans without four-year degrees are at increasing risk of alcoholism, deadly drug use, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

E. Bishop, Follow The Money People

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