The Affordable Care Act

Our Republican congressional friends happily named it ObamaCare because it was easy to make affordable health care an enemy due to targeting hate groups who disliked our president. Now that they have captured our legislative and executive branch of government, and repealing the health care was supposed to be a quick process, our friends have found their Achilles heel (they have meet the enemy and the enemy is I).




The details on this image speaks for itself. Try as they might we shall have ObamaCare (a word I loath) for a very long time. Republicans!!! it here so let’s deal with it. Tell your constituents the truth, it has become a monster we cannot tame.

All those who are afraid let me easy your fears, The Affordable Care Act is here and just like Medicare which the Republicans tried to kill many years ago, health care in this country is quickly becoming a right. We cannot afford to go back, ACA is like a cancer its embedded into our society, insurance companies, health care providers and doctor care. To repeal it now will most definitely cause the patient to die.

God I love my President Barack H. Obama, my brother in the struggle you did what no other president did before you, soon to become Universal Health Care

E. Bishop

“Follow The Money” People

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