Michelle Obama Gives Advice For Living Under Trump Presidency

On Thursday, Michelle Obama spoke at The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts in Connecticut. During her speech, she gave advice for Americans to follow under the Trump Presidency,

Advice from Michelle Obama

“Focus on what you can control.

Be a good person every day.



Treat one another kindly.

Follow the law.

Our First Lady – Women’s Conference


Don’t tweet nasty stuff,” Obama declared. “The impact of all of us in our everyday lives is greater than anything … that can come from the White House.”

Obama then divulged into additional details regarding her hopes for the future and whether or not she’ll run for office:

“The best way for us to leverage our power right now is to try to shift that spotlight onto some of these other young leaders so we do have a cadre of trained, prepared, empathetic, knowledgeable … people to be the next congress-people and mayors and presidents.”

“A lot of people say ‘oh, you should run.’ If we keep looking for that one person to run, we’re getting it wrong. We don’t need another Michelle or Barack, we need thousands and thousands of you all over the world.”

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