American Healthcare Act

“Alias Trump Care”

If you haven’t been in a bubble for the last three months then you should be very familiar with the new healthcare proposals being drafted in our new Republican controlled congress. It is a nightmare to say the least, and we, those Trump voters have certainly been duped, bamboozled, played, taken for a ride (words from our 20th century activist Malcolm X). I hoped you didn’t let that last phrase go by you quickly, I stated “we” to take ownership of that person in the White House who is currently our President. No matter how you feel about him, we own him lock stock and barrel. We let him in the white house no matter if you voted for him or not and we as the American people have to deal with him.



Now, since he has been in office for less than 100 days he has caused so much confusion we don’t know which way is up, everyday our President is twitting some outrageous theory or falsehood which in actuality is fake news.  He has taken his party into a realm of insanity that 12 months would have been unheard. Each day I ask myself when will the grand old party come to the rationalization that they are following a fool. If this latest debacle of a repeal of our only real health care act isn’t evident of his foolhardiness then we are really in for four years of disaster for this country. I never thought I would say this but where is “W” when you need him. God has a plan and faith has to guide us through, its no bigger than a mustard seed so we don’t have much too hold onto. Their is a light in the tunnel but it cannot be seen by the human eye and currently 24 million of our unfortunate citizens who are looking to have the minimalist of healthcare are being held hostage right now. Most of those numbers are our senior citizens and children who cannot fight for themselves(shame on you Donald and your Republican congressmen). Shame on us for allowing him to attain the highest office in our country and the leadership of the Free World, we are becoming the laughing stock of that free world.

Healthcare should be a right of all our citizens no matter their social status, when our people are healthy then everyone is healthy. A healthy society mean more healthy jobs, so Mr. Trump when you vowed to create jobs, our current health care has started to create those jobs and if you would take your head out of the sand that fact would be very clear. As more of our citizens come into the current Affordable Health Care plan more jobs will follow.

E. Bishop, Co-Founder The Money Connection

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