Has anyone seen this new show from CBS Network on Monday nights. I didn’t really notice it until last month while reviewing my library of TV shows on my Media Server. Since my review of Byron Allen and his media empire, something stayed with me in one of his interviews. Mr. Allen was asked about the timing of our people in getting roles in Hollywood and he spoke very positive about the level of roles for people of color getting into main line network.

It seems that since the advent of Empire on FOX Network starting out a successful main time sitcom we have seen an explosion of major network using our folks as main characters in major time slots on weekdays.

If you haven’t had the pleasure take a look at this series. We are seeing major roles being played and portrating top notch players in our society. Who would imagine a black woman Judge being played as a person of stature have a major say in our legal system for people of color and being very smart as well.

Judge Lola Carmichael (Simone Missick) in the Los Angeles County Courthouse making a difference. Soon to be Lawyer (J. Alex Brinson) making the hard decision to go from a law officer in uniform to suit and tie district attorney.

And we cannot forget about our other immigrants of color who are active participants in these real life stories of our justice system making it real justice for all not the few.

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