“Trump’ America First Backlash”

Later this week, President Trump is expected to attend a gathering of powerful businessmen and world leaders in Davos, Switzerland and use the opportunity to pitch the United States to investors and give some version of his “America First” speech as the closing speech of the event.


But, at the world stage in Davos, Switzerland world leaders have a message for Cadet Bone Spurs(Trump). His antagonist and high mindedness has caused him to isolate this country like no other president before him and ones after him. He has lost our leader of the free world standing and continues to embarrass us around the world with approval from our representatives. His destruction of our world image is becoming tarnished by the day. And it just so happens that:


Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada took the opportunity to announce that on exactly the anniversary of the United States’ withdrawal from the TPP, a trade agreement had been reached between the other 11 countries that would exclude the United States and had been signed in Tokyo. (I’m sure the timing was totally a coincidence.) While it was widely expected both in the US and abroad that the US’s withdrawal would jeopardize the agreement, it now seems the agreement could be ratified as early as March.

Trudeau also remarked on the difficult NAFTA talks and Trump’s repeated threats to withdraw from the agreement. (It is worth noting that Japan and our major NAFTA partners — Mexico and Canada — now all also have trade agreements signed with the European Union.) The United States’ increasing isolation from the global market, as well as fears of the possibility of Chinese retaliation for Trump’s new tariff on solar panels and (more importantly) future tariffs on steel and aluminum under consideration, will no doubt put a damper on Trump’s attempt to sell the country as friendly for business. So much for America First, it looks like we’re heading toward America Alone.

Talk about bad news for our country, it cannot get any worst, if we cannot trade with other countries because of Trump administration policy concerning trade then we will not survive.

E. Bishop III, The Money Connection.Com

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