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As each day of the Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act we find the Republican congress and administration have already started the destruction of our current healthcare. After his inauguration Trump directed his cabinet to start the process of resisting efforts that support the A.H.C.A. Well I’m here to say its working, without actual repeal, the Health and Human Service Director, Tom Price from the 6th District of Georgia, has set the dagger into our current health care system. How, because congress hasn’t officially repealed, The effort in Steps:

  • Trump administration has refused to make subsidized required premium payments to your insurance company. Which has started destabilizing the marketplace.

  • Medical doctors are not or irregularly receiving payments for their services rendered to patients who are covered under the A.H.C.A.

  • Marketplace insurance carriers are abandoning and not taking anymore applicants.

  • Finally but not last the IRS has quietly abandoned enforcement penalty requirements for those who don’t have a current health insurance plan in place.

The effects of those above maneuvers by Trump and his administration has not only destabilized the system but is funneling into doctor’s office and hospitals all over the country. Doctors are making decisions to not take anymore patients who have A.H.C.A insurance. Hospitals probably will soon follow by not refusing but treating incoming patients as if they are not insured at all. Have you tried to make a doctor’s appointment lately? Well, if you are a new patient don’t be surprised if you are asked to make a prepayment for an appointment.

To give you a view of new healthcare class system that is now being perpetrated in this country, there are health care service startup for wealthy patients. This idea has not become the new embedded standard but its slowing being adapted by those well healed financially capable patients. Will speak to you further about how this system works.

E. Bishop III,  The Money Connection

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