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     What we saw yesterday at 10:00AM eastern time was a disgrace for this country. Rules of law being thrown around and displayed in a fashion that its ok to break the law without consequences. Right now a spin is being placed on us by our Republican lawmakers that a president who was elected is new to the job an unaware of his actions being illegal. Please, do they think we are fools or just idiots?? But the real question is, will anything come of illegal actions by the executive branch leader of this country?? Probably not, we are displaying how this country has fallen from the top tier of the world to a place of ill repute. I wonder each day since this idoit has taken office why would anyone outside of this country want to come here. Our moral compass has been destroyed and I’m ashamed at this moment in time to call this country my home.

     I want to let each of you know that as a faithful blogger my purpose is to make each of our readers aware of how we can take this country back from the depth of despair that Trump is taking us without any regards as to the damage he is creating. How do we expect any different, he has a history of destroying everything he touches. Take for instant Atlantic City, New Jersey. Trump came in built a beautiful hotel and casino but look at it now, a shell of what it use to be now few steps from a ghost town “TRUMPS MONUMENT OF DESTRUCTION”.  Las Vegas, Nevada won’t even let him have a gambling license because they understand the Donald will destroy their city also. He has built a beautiful building that dots the landscape but no one has comes to grace his property. That is the essence of the Man Donald Trump is and will always BE. Donald Trump has made a repretation of losing then filing bankruptcy so he can keep his riches after raping his real estate. By the way he cannot even hire a good lawyer because “He doesn’t pay his debts”. Whoa, not a good way to do business Donald, but we again shouldn’t be surprised he doesn’t pay his employee or suppliers either.

The Donald thrives because he’s all about money for himself and not making others better in the process. All of this theater yesterday comes down to one inexplicable answer. “Follow The Russian Money” and you will find Donald Trump and his associates. Simple as that my friends!!!


E. Bishop, The Money Connection

Follow the Money People

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