Are you quick to be angered?  Yesterday, as I stood in line at a Restaurant a lady approached the counter next to me.  I chose to take the upper hand by saying hello to her, trying to break the tension. When I asked her what happened, she stated”she came to have lunch but was disappointed about her meal. She also stated, “everything was cold, the service was slow and it was though the food had been sitting for a few days”.  She did mention that she generally comes there for lunch and that’s usually not the case.

At that moment how do you assist someone with altering their mindset? One thing we should all realizes, is that we will always be faced with this disappointments, so it is important to seek the best response and attitude out of life but prepare ourselves for the worst.  By engaging in self-development daily we can better prepare our emotions to manage anything that may come our way.

Understandably enough if you’re paying for service the service should be done correctly but at the same point if we upset ourselves to the point of total frustration it has may bring harm to our health.

Stop, relax, abandoned and be quiet long enough to assess each situation and allow your inner peace to take control

️Donna S.

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