HealthCare For Congress We Cannot Receive

The Senate Trumpcare vote has been delayed once again, this time because of medical emergency. Senator John McCain is recovering from surgery to remove a blood clot and cannot return to Washington for up to two weeks.



Trumpcare denies every day Americans the kind of top-notch life-saving care McCain is receiving right now. The current bill being negotiated will force millions of people into junk policies that offer essentially no coverage and it prohibits people from upgrading to better plans for six months. Members of Congress, however, would be exempt from this provision. While we wish Senator McCain a successful recovery, we must not stop resisting Trumpcare. We all deserve that level of medical care, and McConnell is working hard to deny us that chance. Ask yourself why the US Congress wants to deny everyday Americans quality healthcare and we come back to “Follow The Money”. Lobbyist are in charge of huge sums of monetary funds that belong to their clients whose main purpose is to increase their pocketbooks, they already control so much money it would take millions of our lifetimes to spend. No other word than Greed can describe this insatiable hunger for more.

So fighting for our right to have affordable health care should be utmost in our daily work, without good health money is worthless, (Ask Steve Jobs) As one of my past article spoke of Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s use of quality healthcare for emergency heart surgery, given to him that is now being denied the populace is not what our country is about.

E. Bishop III  “The Money Connection”

Follow The Money People

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