The word today is inflation the definition of inflation is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising and consequently, the purchasing power of currency is falling.

Let me give you several examples: When I was a young kid my father use to tell me that bread was five cents a loaf when he was a kid. A few years later when I bought my first car as a teenager gas cost me .32 cents a gallon. Now let’s compare today’s prices. A loaf of bread today can cost you in the range of $1.50 up to $3.00 or higher. A gallon of gasoline can cost $2.50 or higher today. What will these prices be in ten or twenty years.

I have several questions for you can your income keep up with inflation. Because no question that the cost of just plain old living will continue to go up. If your income was $50,000 thirty years ago you should be making $100,000 today.

We are living in the twenty first century and if you are not growing your own food, making your own clothes, and your home is not paid for and if you are renting your cost of living will continue to rise.

Back in the day there were what they called the 10% rule business and professionals would recruit the top 10% in high school and college and those people had the potential to become stars. The same blueprint was established in the work force 20% of the employees or salesforce did 80% of the production or sells.

The Federal Bureau of Labor reports there are over 8 million people unemployed and there are over 6 million jobs available. The majority of those jobs are in the technical, nursing and health field positions. There are companies that claim they can’t find qualified employees. These multinational corporations recruit millions of workers from other countries. What ever happen to (OJT) On the Job Training.

In the twenty first century these corporations are looking for the best and the brightness and wanting to pay the lowest wages possible. If you’re not that top 10% student and an exceptional salesperson you will not be included you will be disposable.

We must go BACK TO THE FUTURE and see how competitive we were in succeeding in education, sports and business trying to make it to the top. Opportunities in this world are so great there are literally hundreds of businesses that you can pursue, and especially if you are a creative and innovative person. If you feel stuck in a dead end job start your own business.

There are very few people who start a business completely alone that are successful, we must collaborate, form partnerships, and network. You will need to build a team.

Harvey Firestone, Men and Rubber said in 1926 “ In the old days, I used to pick my own men. We all knew one another. We did not need any rules. We just worked together.

We had only 12 employees in 1902. Not until 1910 did we reach 1.000. Seven years later we passed 10,000, and in 1920 reached a peak of 19,800. In 1902 we did a business of $150,000. In 1920 we did a business of $115,000,000, but I can say with great earnestness that financing this tremendous growth was not nearly as difficult as solving the human equation, or to be more accurate, getting something in the nature of a comprehension of the human equation.”

In today’s business climate most corporations are only interested in earnings and profits and how those things happen is raise prices, pay employees less, keep expenses low and sells. If you don’t add value to the corporation they will replace you for a better cheaper, smarter, and a harder worker. When the corporation let you go you will be that cheaper, smarter, and harder worker, but it might take several months to find that next company. While the cost of living is still going on.

My question for you why not start that business making a product or providing a service. Build that team use your creativity and all those innovative ideas. Because one thing for sure inflation will continue and the corporations will always be following their money. I say start your own and you start following your money.


Ted Harvey Sr. The Money

“Follow The Money People”

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