As we continue our trek into the blogging world sometimes its healthy to get reviews from our peers. Those who write and give opinions of others work of art. The money connections came from an intense conversation amongst friends. We needed a outlet or medium that would replace local and national established news agency whose only passion is negative information. Fresh and new ideas was needed that would drive home solutions and positive information. But this article is being presented because it critiques one of our own blog authors. What follows is that first person viewpoint. The apprehended slang word “DEEK” stands for Deacon, for those who wonder ???? what does that mean??:


I apologize for taking so long to make a contribution to this blog. Since this is my first writing, I will explain what has motivated me. Although I’ve wanted to write from the beginning, I could not get past a serious impairment that kept me from putting solid thoughts together. When writing songs or scripts, I can work through a writer’s block by talking to my kids, grands or my family and friends; work out at the gym, get away from everything for a while, or even listen to other music or watch movies. Writing for a blog is different, however.

A few weeks ago, I got a call from Reverend Raymond Timms, who asked me to check out his piece entitled Chaos or Community, and after I did so, he wanted me to share my thoughts with him. Unfortunately, I let my brother down, especially, when you consider that I generally call “Deek” at the drop of a hat just to check on him and the Mrs., or to talk about nothing or something. We’ve known each other since the summer of 1959 and I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for him and his family. I didn’t call him…

In all truthfulness, I was speechless by how Deek took an interrogatory topic that paraphrases Dr. Martin Luther King, with the instrumental “Tomorrow (A Better You, A Better Me)” in the background; cites Curtis Mayfield, quotes some bible scripture and after referencing Michael Jackson he closed with the song “Man In The Mirror.” A totally smooth delivery. It made me think. I was, pretty much, without words, because I was stuck on the title – Chaos or Community. I wanted to be chaotic and angry or angrier in my community. I wanted to hear about the disorder, bedlam and virtual anarchy from Deek, as though television, radio and the Internet isn’t giving me enough negativism. I wanted direct nihilism from Deek, but wasn’t getting it. So, I listened to the article again, several times, before I realized the message.

Rev. Timms, in his soft-spoken manner, delivered a call to action in metaphorical style that says Chaos and the Community resides within each of us. We control the switch (choose to turn on or turn off). Choose to be a part of or apart from. From the piece I learned I have to restrain the chaos (my anger and bitterness that permeates from wherever) from something I can’t change with emotion; and share my community (my peace and a desire to be a contributor to societal welfare and wellness) by being conjoined with other like-minded communities. To find peace outside, we must have peace within. Look at the man in the mirror and take charge to change apparent disorder to order and peace and only then should one step outside to change the world. That’s only the beginning.

Thank you Rev. “Deek” Timms for your brilliance.


Mr. Errol Howery

The Money Connection Blog Author

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