Mr. Byron Allen, CEO of Entertainment Studios Inc. has been fighting a long term battle for equal rights in the entertainment industry for Black Owners and entertainers. This industry is a multi-billion dollar complex that could make these black entrepreneur some wealth and take a portion of the monies spent by black communities for entertainment and media dollars being spent in our urban community.

In Mr. Allen efforts to fight Comcast and Charter Communications he must prove that his civil rights have been violated by these two power house players in this industry who control almost entirely the dollars generated from licensing rights. The precedence being used by his legal team encompassed a 1866 law that tried to protect freed black slaves from economic pressure placed upon them by Jim Crow Laws in the South after being freed in 1865.

The case is now before the Supreme court where the legality of this 1866 law is being challenged by Comcast. If the Supreme Court rules in Comcast favor this could put our civil rights back to a time when we were less than human according to the laws of those times. This could have devasting affect on this generation and our children for decades. Comcast has used their vast monetary leverage with the Trump administration to assist in this fight for them. Going as far as having the Solicitor General to join in their fight against Allen and Entertainment Media to destroy this black man who dares to fight for his rights against the white establishment who controls all those dollars.

Mr. Allen has gone on a campaign being hosted by many black media outlets and his own media the Grio to explain the consequence of Comcast and The Trump Justice Departments role in trying to upsurpt this 1866 law which is still on the books. So who should we believe Comcaast and The Justice Department or a black man whose already super rich and desires to become even richer with acquisitions that give him vast resources in the global economy?

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