Cam Newton Racist..????

First, let me tell you that I was not a fan of Mr. Newton and his father who when Cam came out of Junior College and they both tried to extort monies from several SEC schools for his son’s talents. Even going to the extremes of covering up their efforts which led to his father being banned from his son’s games at Auburn University where he excelled as quarterback for this SEC school.


Now to today or should I say from the past few days Cam has been accused of being a racist for his comment to a female reporter at a news conference when she asked a, if I may say an intelligent question, concerning receiver routes that most women in our culture have no understanding. Most of you guys know how we must fight our way through the fall Saturday and Sunday watching football because our mates look at this fascination as an unnecessary distraction. So Cam’s statement not only applauds the young lady for her deep understanding of football terminology, but bring to bare and unwarranted reaction of his statement, which could be considered asinine at the least by those who think his comment was racist. And this over reaction has caused him and his family overblown harm to his character and statue in the football and advertising community. I think he should sue anyone who thinks his comment was racist because it has been completely taken out of context.

We as the black community should at minimum call for a boycott of any business who sells a product to our community if they even consider taking his endorsement from them because what Cam said was not racist. I have watched that portion of the video several times and I’m completely lost as to why what he said would rise to the level of racism. Anyone who has watched what was said to even feel racism by his comment is reaching for something that is not there. Has Cam said that he grabbed this woman’s private parts, has he said he could kill someone on fifth avenue at high noon and not be arrested?? Has he called individuals from an alt-right rally in Virginia good people?

Those are racist statements, but where is the outcry for disenfranchising him, why is that label so elusive for him when someone of stature calls men in sport SOB’s because they want to call attention to the killings of innocent young black men by police who in their own words spout racist statement before killing them. Where are the support for a young man in sport who in his own words have praised a female reporter because she has taken it upon herself to research the topic and became familiar enough to care about a man’s profession that she can ask intelligent questions of him. Because most of the time he gets boring question from the mostly men reporter during these news conferences. Cam may have not posed the answer in a context pleasing to all present but I understand what he was trying to say and I know plenty of male football junkies understand most women don’t have or want to understand our passion for the gridiron battles, so it’s refreshing to hear a woman who has knowledge beyond her other female counterparts.

Cam Is Not A Racist People and those who say his comment are deplorable need their heads examined and should be ashame that this incident has caused a young man and his family a financial loss because they didn’t have the courage to speak up against those who are trying to label him as such.

E. Bishop , The Money Connection.Com

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