Cancer A Dirty Word Or Something To Fear

Why this topic now?? I have been a caregiver for a close friend and religious leader for over a month now. He is not progressing well, looking death in the eye while trying to put on a strong fight. His treatment group hasn’t been able to stop the advancing army of cancer cells within his body. To bring this into perspective a high school friend and fellow basketball player passed away last month from cancer, losing the battle he had fought for a couple of years leaving family and friends with questions about this devastating disease. This disease has been around for many years without a real cure for its after effects and why the bad cells prosper in some and can be held in check with others.

There are many drugs on the market that are suppose to help cure cancer but not one specific drug will remove the cancer cells for all those cancer suffers. Scientist know what the cells look like and when they are present. How they take over good cells and some conclusion for treating or destroying these enemies within our bodies. Most experts will tell you early prevention and interaction is our best defense against this killer.

Now, as one being involved first hand with this disease assisting my friend it has been a horrible reminder of life and how fragile we really are. His worst worries during this process is if he dies what will happen to his family?? I caution him that he’s not dead but his continued fight against this disease is what the focus should be right now. But, he is now on his fourth drugs to combat his cancer and the doctors haven’t given him much hope. I ask myself in the quiet of reflection during times when he is sleep what can I do for him that will build up his spirits and wellbeing during his time of pain and depression? Nothing but prayer seems to give me the strength to continue bringing him confidence that everything will turn out for the best.

During my life on this earth I have seen family members and many friends die from cancer and the only real conclusion that has come to me seeing them move on to another life is that!! Life ends and we move on because we all will past one day and excepting this fact is so very hard. What I can tell my friend now is that God is in charge and his will, will be done. Your children will live on along with your spouse remembering him as a strong leader, husband, dad and all around good person. I’m still praying that something good will come from his painful trials fighting this disease because there are many success stories of people conquering the disease and so many more who fought the battle and lost the war.

Let’s all pray that the scientist find a permanent cure for this disease because Cancer cannot win where we pool those excellent minds and energy into a successful solution for something that take so many of our family and friends away early in this life.

God Bless Those Caregivers and Patients Who Need Peace.

The Money Connection Team

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