Part I


Money is the key to keep your business.  There are hundreds of ways to keep your business a flow and make a good living doing something you love, whether you have a hair salon, restaurant, bar, mom and pop mini grocery store, barber shop, and I can name dozens more.


Because capital is the lifeblood for your business. You are constantly  asking yourself how can I make my company grow to gain more revenue. Most small businesses are run by one or two people with ten or less employees.  These small businesses are competitive and most are duplications within the same mile or two radius.


When I lived in Los Angeles on Sunday morning while driving my family to church I would  take different routes to count how many churches, bars, barbershops and hair salon were on every block. Because at that time I was selling advertising for the number one newspaper in Los Angeles. I was also looking for more business to increase my sales.


Advertising and promotion are two of the life blood for generating capital.  When I was out there hustling for more business real estate developers, retail, and  manufacturing companies I use to do a presentation that included a proven market strategy that would request ten percent of my clients annual revenue advertising. Within a matter of days or weeks telephones were ringing and foot traffic increased.


I know it’s tough for a small business scramming for an increase in money getting into the cash register. There are certain financial analysis which would assist you in your business ownership.


The next few articles I will bring to you solutions and case studies that will help you think out the box.



Inside Game: Advertising and promotion

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