The slow motion constitutional crisis that began with Trump’s election is moving full speed ahead now. Just a week after Senate Republicans voted to acquit Trump of crimes that several GOP senators admitted he committed, Trump on Tuesday completed a total takeover of the American justice system that puts Trump and his supporters above the law for as long as they remain in power.

The change that has become a norm within politics. Are we a nation of those who are above the Law?? Are we alright with the fact some of us are jailed for just marching for truth and justice. Does the Justice system we hold so dear have lost its way.

Hope and change can be a single entity but it cannot be lost when the people have a final say in what kind of country we want our children and grandchildren to live. Each voting cycle citizens are told that this is the most important election in our lives. Well, these words have never become so valuable than this November.

Our elected officials have placed their candidacies on making dire decisions about the constitution and how we uphold the laws that govern us each day. And we cannot percutitute them because their constituents voted them inot office, those voters are responsible for their voting consequence. And its solely up to those voters who they want as their representatives in the House and Senate. But we also cannot be blinded by the gamesmansip being played in who votes and who doesn’t vote. Gerrymandeering can place restrictions on voters but if you want to vote you can by doing what we ask of our elected officials follow the law!!!

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