48 Democratic Senators, not one has a black person as chief of staff or communications director.

Charles Barkley made a condit statement concerning the lack of or imbalance of our community at the top of our party. We turned out in enormous numbers to elect Senator Doug Jones in Alabama this past week. But, we continue to be left behind once those candidates legislative offices are formed. Unlike Obama’s election, the black vote is in essence used by Democrats to advance white political power. At least that’s how it looks from our point of view and the results bear out that viewpoint.

Consider these facts: The United States does not have a single black governor of the 50 states; not one of the 50 states currently has an African-American attorney general; just two African-American Democrats serve in the United States Senate — two!


And it’s not just the politicians themselves, these imbalances are built into the power structures politicians have built around themselves. Every United States senator has a chief of staff. Guess how many of those are black? Two! And both of them are Republicans! Each U.S. senator has a communications director; only one is black, and he also works for a Republican. Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez recently posted a photo of the last crop of interns to work for the party — and almost all the faces were white. Our vote must count not only at the polls but in how we positioned after the confetti cease falling.

It is incumbent on us to fix this. And that means we need to demand from Democrats in office, up and down the line, including your senators, and ask them what they are doing to ensure their staff reflects the broader population and the Democratic party which consist of black people who help put them in office. Where are we at the table once decisions are made that reflect our community as well as the white community who the seem to serve. So call your senator, and ask them.

E. Bishop III – The Money Connection

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