Climate Change

How To Make Money Using Climate Change



I have found that no matter who is in power creating financial success can be obtained using smart ideas and current innovative methods. Let take climate change for instance, the governmental administration who controls how our nation functions for the future of the world is in the hands of climate deniers. Now most scientist understand and personally believe that climate change is real and if nothing is done to stop the effects of destroying our environment with continued use of fossil fuels the events of the last few weeks will become even worst. Hurricane Harvey which has almost entirely destroyed the northeastern seaboard of Texas was something to behold, whoever heard of a storm sitting for days in one area that dropped feets of water in that one central area. Most storms destroy and continue to move on like Hurricane Irma who devastated Florida last week. Both of these storms have left those parts of the country in almost total disrepair. The immediate need of reconstruction will be a financial boom for the Construction Industry, so those of you with those skills will be rather busy for many years to come. So climate change has and will cause a boost in the economy though related to the destruction and victimization of those affected, the financial gains for those skilled workers needed to recover adds impetus to the economy for those areas.

There is never a silver lining in others misery but it can be a re-correction that gives value to our country unforeseen by those in power. Since the Republicans have been in power those politician who are concerned about the middle class have continued the fight for an infrastructure bill to help spur the economy, so these two natural disasters have taken the call for adding monies to economy out of their control. We are looking right now at huge sums of governmental dollars be directed back into the economy because of these two hurricanes. Climate Change??? We will pay now or in the future, when will those deniers wake up!!! Doing due diligence by removing fossil fuels will cause losses in some industries but other financial boost will be caused in other areas. Conservatism is good for somethings but Progressivism is also great because it moves the world into better and productive areas that we have to face and if we don’t we will surely expire


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