How connected are you to your surroundings? How connected are you to allowing others to freely engage with you by enjoying all the essentials of life that surrounds you?  Are you too far removed from the energy around you and become self-absorbed by your own activities that you can’t take a moment to SERVE? When you are separated and disconnected from the space that surrounds you, there creates a lack of grounding that connects you to the earth thus creating a more balanced YOU.  It’s important to become one with individuals of like minds.

As you travel throughout life you will encounter individuals who are not as tuned as you are nor have any interest in what you are doing.  It’s best to respect them but not spend your valuable time trying to pursued or please them because they may be on a totally different level than you are.  They may not be headed the same direction that you are. As mentioned in a previous blog, you certainly want people around you will continue to deposit great things into you and not withdraw from you.

So please work at becoming more connected to great people and a peaceful and relaxing surroundings, this will allow you to gain greater strides to acquiring your visions.  Remain true to who you have become a better awareness of what’s happening around you.  Thank you

Ms. Donna Sharpe

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