You didn’t do it all alone! From the board room to the bath room, there are people that will take all of the bows for what comes out! These are individuals with a rapist mentality, and in many cases a mentality oozing with undisclosed bigotry. It is that perception of superiority that motivates others to capitalize on the talents of others, draining their abilities, and walking away with the gains that rightfully belong to others. Bernie Sanders elaborated on that fact during the town hall meetings when he described the massive wealth held by a miniscule group of Americans, the majority of whom would boast that they got there on their own abilities.  Have you had experiences with individuals that would not pay you what you should have been making, yet they were there to take the bows for every accomplishment that you made and your name was never mentioned! To add insult to injury these people demeaned you and chipped away at your self-esteem. They searched for any weakness in your life, your finances, your family, anything to be able to possess you. Who said that slavery was dead ???

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Dr. Laverne Jackson

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