Black Lives Movement

Since the killing of Trayvon Martin a Black Lives Matter movement has came and brought an acute awareness to the senseless killings of our black youth and young fathers who have come into deadly contact with our police force in various part of the country. The police force whose motto is Protect and Serve the people that compensate each of them who put their lives in danger everyday in performance of his/her duty.


This movement is a noble effort to hold those policemen/policewomen accountable for killing innocent, unarmed and as always individuals of color.

And as each killings are justified by our legal system of judges, juries and prosecutors the populace become more and more sensitized to the old adage Justice means “Just Us” .

It’s so easy to blame others for our digressions, while looking inward brings unwarranted critique of the failure to police ourselves. Does Black Lives Really Matter??

Then beware my precious readers, look within your community also!! Everyday the media focuses on the number of dead in urban areas all over the country, even in the smallest of communities are not without those who are killed weekly or monthly perpetrated by our own people of color.

If Black Lives really matter where are the voices of the movement who should be rising up against these killing as well. We are murdering ourselves by the thousands each week, we don’t need the police to cull the weak and poorest of these, we are doing it to ourselves.

We need Black Lives too Matter, find the courage and willpower, look within before we start blaming others. This should be a rather easy solution compared to changing a Justice System ran by the politicians who look at us as Animals because we won’t even take necessary steps to make changes by voting for causes that assist our community. Put individuals in office who make our voices heard.


Voting Does Matter as well.

E. Bishop III  “The Money Connection”

“Follow The Money People”

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