Tone-Deaf DNC “How Do We Trust Them”

I like you and so many others who profess to be loyal Democrats who are on their mass spam email list receive correspondence at least once a week asking for donation for all sort of reasons. Have you ever wondered whose pockets those donations are actually deposited??

Whose salary is being subsidized for doing the work of a party who suppose to uphold our values, are they beholding to the populace that give their nickels and dimes or the wall street billionaire that fund the party as well. These spam mails are authored by any number of political insiders who have been voted into office by their constituents to pass laws that protect our wellbeing. But, are we getting what is best for their well being or ours?? Those questions should be asked each time we send in our meager earned dollars from jobs that pay precious little.

One of those personal spam mail message came from past DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile whom I had plenty of respect until the past general election cycle for president. Her involvement in that fiasco was horrible. It almost felt like she had been a bought DNC official, she took part in the most unethical display of stacking the deck against Senator Bernie Sanders primary bid for the democratic nomination of president.

To further understand Donna’s continued involvement in solicitation of DNC fundraising you have to follow the money. Donna is no longer a DNC official but is still receiving a salary from the organization along with other compensation WHY???? You guess is as good as mine!!!! Is her status still worth the money she still receives???

The Observer blogs reports that the DNC paid Brazile over $88,000 in salary in March, and that she received more than $42,000 for management consulting right after she left her position as DNC interim chair. Wow

Now, there are other allegations of her mismanagement in the interim position she held as Chair when Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to resign before the convention due to allegations of her misuse of position to influence the primary success of then candidate Hillary Clinton.


E. Bishop III “The Money Connection”

“Follow The Money People”

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