Don’t give me nothing !!

Open The Door and I’ll Get It Myself !!

Mother Day 2018 will be the beginning of another Poor People’s Campaign lead by Rev. William Barber and Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis. Some of us older generation remember our first poor people interaction in the middle and late 1960’s when revolution and discourse was prevalent all over this country. The list of our guerrilla warfare spans far and wide.

Freedom Riders, Student Lunch Counters, School Children fight for African American Studies, Housing Fairness, Economic Redlining, Black Representatives for our community, Wage Disparity, Police Violence, Unjust War, Educational Inequality, College Entrance.

All those doors were denied to people of color in our community, but as I look at this upcoming campaign I feel a need to bring forth the elephant that looms large over and effort tried many decades ago and still we fight the same issues while our representatives make excuses for those who are in and have expanded inequality. To begin healing we must acknowledge that the wound was created by oneself. And, then ask for Forgiveness of our indiscretion. Then the healing begins.

Rev. Barber, Rev. Dr. Theoharis before we begin this journey will there be a acknowledgement of our fault in where we are today?? Those young men and women who rode those buses throughout the south so we could vote and we today don’t take advantage of their efforts for that right.

What do we tell Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner who lost their lives in Philadelphia Ms for that right to vote while huge blocks of our community don’t even go to the polls and exercise that right. And when we walk through those communities during Obama’s primary and General Election and saw young men standing on the corner without jobs and hope, but when we ask them to vote they just laughed with those same words “My Vote Don’t Count” !! Do we acknowledge these indiscretions Rev. Barber and Rev. Dr. Theoharis??? If we don’t then the healing cannot begin and those with the financial power will have weapons to fight us tooth and nail. Marching has always been a form of civil unrest and a method for airing our grievances against establishment rule of disorder but there has to be a better tool. That unconventional pause for the cause that creates awareness and at the same time a drive to invest in this cause. What greater method to eliminates this injustice than their investment in our community by showing the community, the devastation those misguided policies have caused through a visual review of what this is all about.

In the 60’s unrest we took it to them, why not bring them to US????

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