A few days ago I was viewing a video by the Rapper Rick Ross Everyday Hustlin. In the video Rick Ross was going to a dozen people or more doing his hustle. The video was very interesting because it took me back to the days when I lived in Los Angeles. In the video he visited a few businesses like a car wash, street vendors, and night clubs just to name a few.

Hustlin Purses


In the eighty’s and nineties street vendors, drug dealers, and small businesses was hustlin everyday to get what we call paper i.e. money, green stuff, that check. When I was a young teenager in Chicago I use to hustle to get that money. I lived at the time on the Westside of Chicago I delivered the daily papers, hustled pop bottles, shine shoes, sold Jet magazine on the L Train and hustle groceries ( I would wait outside at a grocery store like A&P for a elderly person to come out with a grocery cart that has to walk two or three blocks and climb two stories or more to their apartment)I would asked them Ms. or Sir you need any help with your groceries. I would make anywhere from fifty cents to a dollar per delivery. My hustle at the time was for one purpose to have enough green stuff to catch the bus, buy candy and purchase a ticket to the Regal Theater for the next Saturday concert.

Today the hustle is real if you are an adult and you have big time monthly bills like rent or mortgage, car note, electric bills, cable, cell phone, and insurance, you have to make that paper everyday. When I was a young teenager making two or three dollars a day and on a good day ten dollars. My only concern was me, myself and I not rent and all of those other expenses. Oh yes and buy all the junk food I could eat.

If you have read any of my articles my theme is almost always about the value of the dollar. It’s crazy in today’s standard how much paper, money, green stuff you have to make just to live comfortable. Everyday hustlin is real if you ever looked at a an inflation calculator and looked at the past thirty years two hundred dollars than is really value at one hundred dollars today.

Everyday hustlin is real, in today’s standard they’re calling it Side Hustle. There are literally hundreds of side hustles.” The Black Community is full of Hustlers and not Enterprisers! We must take responsibility as to why we fail in business!” Prof. Devine

I think in my opinion Prof. Devine is right to a certain degree but ‘we all have to do what we got to do so we can do what we want to do’ paraphrasing the great actor and motivator Denzel Washington. Starting an enterprise ain’t for everybody but my old man use to say nothing beats failure but a try.

Mr. Ted Harvey Sr. The Money Connection

“Following The Money People”

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