American Feudalism

“A new form of 15th Century Castles and Moot Era, where the Feudal Lord’s ruled their Kingdom and the King received his bounty from the Lord’s pillaging of his poor surf’s who work the land ”

Escape from this system of governing founded this country creating the Declaration of Independence. Each day we mirer ourselves further into this depression, homelessness and other forms of deprivation along with a system of income inequality drawing further distance between rich and poor defines our country.

“Tens of millions of families struggle for shelter, while media tails Trump’s clown car”

Above headlines that continue to become a daily occurance taking away from the actual news that should be headlines of the suffering being perpetrated on our citizenry. The damage slowly infiltrating into our hearts and soul destroying the will to even begin healing.

As the corporate news media continues to fixate exclusively on the fates and fortunes of President Trump the Great Unraveling of America continues as does the acceleration of:


Wealth Concentration


Just as the news media’s inattention to the deterioration of the economic circumstances of tens of millions of America’s poor and working-class families all throughout the Obama years set the stage for Trump’s rise, their continuing inattention to this cohort is setting the stage for his reelection.

They will say they did not see it coming.

The reality is, when you have the disappearance of $20 trillion in American household wealth through Wall Street’s predations it is going to have consequences for generations. The fact that this misery is largely being born by households of color and the marginal working class of all colors makes it all the easier to ignore in the polite society where the media elite hang on this latest palace intrigue

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