Real Life story of injustice within our legal system. A worliy convicted man man who changed his stature and became a lawyer for inmates in the correction system and built his own defense case while working for others.

Ole 50 Cent has just out done hisself with this major program on major network which is quickly becoming a successful show. It’s very insight ful and speaks of our system of justice. Hats off to you fifte for putting together another successful show. Looks like ole 50 is catching up with Ice Cube. Cube put out some very successful shows and movies in his time, so Cube where are you my brother.

And ironic event plays out in this network tv show that kind of let say IRONIC. All Rise of CBS show stars Simone Missick and 50 Cent has in his line-up her husbanc Dorian Missick. congrats to the husband and wife team who are working that money and bringing it home.

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