Have Automakers Learned From Past Lessons

“Can The United States Take The Plunge”

German Automakers have committed all of their vehicles will be run by alternative fuel sources by year 2030. Fossil fuel vehicles are destroying our ozone and we need to take some bold moves and realize that fossil fuel burning autos are quickly becoming a thing of our past. Taking on the fossil fuel industry should be a fight American auto industry must win. This is the same story in the early to late 90’s when our auto makers kept building these fuel inefficient cars and the upstart Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai automaker produced took on our car companies and won that battle and now Toyota has become the number one car producer in the world. GM, Ford and Chrysler why are you still tone deaf, we are a nation of innovators and first that ruled the world for many decades. Let’s become leaders not followers.

Climate Change Is Real

E. Bishop III, The Money Connection.Com

“Follow The Money People”


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