When I think about those things that I have, I realize how thankful and grateful I am. As we continuously yearn for more and more “things” we wish we had, it continues to takes our minds away from what is most important.  Let’s think for a moment of those who are less fortunate that wished they had as much as we did.
Growing up in Jamaica, I can remember as a child a few of my normal lifestyles.  One of my most vivid memories,  was having a few select TV channels. The distinct memory I had was watching Barnaby Jones, and not having many choices of TV stations to watch.  I became very comfortable and look forward to every hour I watched that show.  As a child visiting the countryside to see my granny and had to make my self comfortable with the outhouse to relieve myself.  There were no porcelain toilets or nice rubber bathroom  mats or even any lever to flush but you learned how to quickly meditate as you try to distract your mind from the scenery.  But being a part of the setting made me who I am today and for that I am forever grateful.
With all these things I am so very grateful, because it gave me a better appreciation in my adulthood.  This has helped to shape and mold me into the person that I have developed to be and with this I am am forever grateful.  The love and appreciation I received from my parents, far exceeded what things I was surrounded by in  my environment.  I have since then learned to live life without many things, understanding less is more.
Unless we have experience a difficult situation we will never ever appreciate what we have.  Our tendency is often times create distractions from focusing on what God’s will is for us,  which is LOVING people and INSTEAD of  things.  I truly believe if we could take a few  of those thoughts into consideration we would be in a blessed place.  Things are just that and unfortunately some people if they could would take those things to the grave with them., not being aware that this would be TO there dissatisfaction.  The beauty of life is having the ability to Love ️ to give love and to be loved.
My gift to you today is to find 10 things you are very grateful for and also find 10 people that you haven’t been so grateful for and tell them how much you love and care for them.  You were placed on this earth to be loving and caring creatures, to deposit more than you withdraw from society.  Let today be the day that you turn the sail and display your gratitude daily in all that you say and do.
Donna Sharpe


Donna Sharpe


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