Live beyond your greatest imaginations!! Shoot for the stars you just may land among the moons, realize that if you can think and believe it, you can achieve!! There is nothing that is out of your reach that you cannot accomplish. I would like you to first begin by visualizing your dream. Once you have done so write down a plan of action that coordinates with dream. This will register your vision to your mind. Now your daily actions will determine your discipline towards accomplishing your goals. Your goals should be very specific, realistic, something you can certainly measure and has a concrete timeline attached. Through constant daily affirmations it will help you to shape your journey. This will also, reformed you subconscious level to absorption to the brain to memorize this action.

Whatever your greatest fears may have been, please put them aside and visualize your life the way imagine it to be. NOW IS YOUR TIME!!! Anyone that you see on television or in real life, who has achieved the most magnificent lifestyle, just remember that they too began with a dream, a dream that manifested into reality. It is never too late to start! Those individuals had many challenges along the way, they walked the journey alone, yet they dug deep down inside to develop the determination and drive to become uncomfortable and achieve their goals. Find a great mentor, avoid any distractions, or anyone or anything who may derail you from your amazing journey!!!

So shift gears, “PUT FOOT INA TANK” (step on the gas pedal) as we would say in Jamaica, begin designing your dreams, develop your strong WHY and achieve your greatest DREAMS. Please don’t waste any more time, carve out a few minutes to sit down to think, visualize and scribe your dream, watch your most what amazing dreams become a reality. See you at the TOP!!!

Donna Sharpe

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