As a senior who goes to pharmacies each month I see all those older and sometimes younger than me writing checks (yes we still have seniors who write checks). It is a shame that today we still have our elder population who still have to decide on medicine or food so they can live?? Those greedy wall street barons and pharmaceutical industry devils gorging themselves on those least of these. Fatting their pockets in the name of profits for investors, I sometimes wish that they could see how much misery they have caused our senior who so desperately want to live peaceful final days and hours on this earth before transitioning.


How do we help those who are less fortunate than us? I have been granted a pass given that my health care pays a large portion of my medicine cost and many others have that same advantage but there is a vast portion of our senior population who do not have that luxury or absent of the knowledge to get those benefits for themselves because no one takes the time to explain how they can reduce those cost. Along with those robber barons and wall street vultures. The jungle of pharmacy business also has those who prey on different methods for their own greed. How they access their tactics to engorge themselves takes on many facets. Those of us who go to the pharmacy for our medicine trust we are getting what the doctor ordered?? Do you actually count the pills?? Do you read the prescription carefully for pill totals?? Most pharmacies have thousands of customers each day and if each one is shorted just one pill, then those dispensing these drugs can have a very comfortable side hustle.

How do we teach our seniors about those pitfalls?? If my parent or yours are in that situation we must address these and many other solutions for their physical and mental health in this country. Let’s form some action groups concerned with healthcare!! Contact us @ admin@ted-edmoneyconnection.com and start some action plans. I can direct some of you to simple solutions that assist our seniors that protect them from being taken. My wife after family visits to the hospital spends hours on the phone with our insurance carrier reducing that final billing from healthcare cost. I have seen her reduce our out of pocket by hundreds of dollars because the wrong billing code was applied to our visit.

Let’s work together for those who want solutions.

E. Bishop III, Ted-edmoneyconnection.com

“Following Money Issues That Reduce Our Cost”

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