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To our readers and friends: Good Health doesn’t come easy. Giving up on those bad eating habits can extend your life expectancy. According to health studies there are several states in the south where obesity has taken over 67% of the population. This is a serious health disaster with no improvement in site. Health care cost for this obese population will become a national epidemic in the very near future. I and my wife took a short vacation to the Gulf Coast and while I sat waiting on her in our hotel, the picture of this obese population flowed so obviously in front of me that I took out my phone camera. This is some of what I found:

Lobby had many more just like this!!





Now, this was just a few of the shots taken in just 10 minutes of viewing the public as they traversed the main lobby of this Gulf Coast Hotel. And by the way Mississippi was one of the obese states in the south depicted in the health study.

Most of those pictured probably already have various health issues right now causing and already burden healthcare system enormous health costs. What can we do??? The problem is shared by all even those politicians who profess to reducing healthcare cost in this country. Their own policies of letting our school age children have enormous fat content food selection for school lunch programs and those choices have and are exacerbating the problem. They are “children” who will eat candy everyday if it’s allowed but want to guess what their lunch eating choice happens to be PIZZA. Now that’s not one day of the week people, everyday is that choice. The unhealthy food lobbyist in congress are having their say along with our children who knows no better.

Let’s start somewhere and the schools are best options for a beginning!!!!

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