Hope in the New Year:

The clear majority of global residents enter the New Year with exuberance and hope. It is with great anticipation that we leave behind the burdensome baggage of the previous year while vowing to do things differently and believing that the new year will be the year that things finally brings positive change. However, many of us fail to realize that change and effort are indeed somewhat synonymous. We are players on the enormous field of life, and we must move forward with insight and strategy that addresses the weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, that can impede our progress through the application of strengths, the transformation of weaknesses, and the broadening of opportunities by collaborating with players on the field of life with common goals and aspirations.
Reality and dreams often collide, and in order to realize our dreams we must identify pathways to reconciling both pieces of our existence. We must not permit reality to become so pervasive in our lives that we cease to dream, nor can we permit dreams to become so pervasive in our lives that we cease to function effectively in reality. Most of us would like to live in the ideal environment that supports our hopes and dreams. However, the challenges of reality places us on another plateau, a plateau wrought with barriers to achievement for all but a small segment of the world’s citizens.


Dr. Laverne Jackson’s vision for the new year, coming to you in several articles culminating with her solution for success in 2017.

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