How did this happen???

Yesterday was the 100th day honeymoon for this country and a totally disastrous relationship with our current leader of the free world. Who would have thought last year this time during a hard fought primary season we would have a clown in the White House representing our country that we love so dearly. I have to be honest at this point, confiding in you the reader, tell that I really wanted Senator Bernie Sanders to take the democratic nomination. But, that didn’t happen, I understand why many of my female cohorts, and wife, felt the extreme confidence that Sister Hillary should be elected. It was time for our women population to share the honor and glory of being represented by one of their own. During this period in 2016 I felt that if she did obtain the nomination that her campaign would be so flawed, that if she did not repairs the holes in her campaign because of the baggage that she carried, it was going to be a difficult journey to the white house. Sister Hillary had a horrible trust aversion problem, which voters would carry into the voting booth. Unless nominee Clinton created some serious trust in those battleground states disaster was ahead. Now her opponent was a disaster for the Republican party also. His road seemed insurmountable with constant gaffes that truly embarrassed the Republican Party’s elite, donors and politicians.

Today in the year of Lord 2017 this buffoon has the reins to our ship United States of America President (POTUS). How did this happen??? There are many writers, politicians, election experts and everyday citizens who have opinions. I found this article which tells the story of Sister Hillary’s Last Supper. Please read with care and understand their was extreme confidence within her campaign “this was going to be a cakewalk”. Hillary Clinton first woman President of the United States. She was sailing on the Titanic, unbeknownst to her or her executive leadership the ship was heading into an iceberg (Donald Trump now president)

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E. Bishop, “Follow The Money People”

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