Over a lifetime we experience communication from many things; our jobs, people, various experiences and our now every changing social media. Often times we listen and watch attentively to television or listen to other people by learning from their experiences. What we don’t realize is that we are not fully aware of the source of their past experiences.  We often see many news feeds from social media. We must take pre-caution to learn how to filter out what is a good source of information vs. bad contents.  One of the most interesting things I often hear is “they say” I often ask who are they? Prior to researching, people unfortunately never take the time to gather quality sound  information for themselves. They spend most of their time taking all the information learned from acquaintances at face value, never truly understanding and learning from valuable resources.
Learning from people’s idiosyncrasies may not be a sufficient way of gaining a deeper understanding of life.  As we try to become stronger and learn from those past experience, it is important to have the support of others. It’s at that moment when we realize that the help may not available.  A sound support system can be crucial at this point because some individuals are weaker than others and may need more attention.  Unfortunately, what I have observed  when someone tries to seek support in their true time of need, most individual disappear. They turn there faces away trying at all cost to avoid the situation. This is generally the true test of times because you will be able to observe who your true supporters are or simply just a passerby.
Spend time generating and building quality relationships that will stand the true test of time.  Because when you are most in need is the time that you will need these true supporters in your life.  Remember it doesn’t matter how much the person really know that matters, as much as how much they care.  All of this will be displayed by how well they follow through.
By: Donna Sharpe

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