Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

Money Can Corrupt Values





To our readers of the Money Connection: I wanted in this article to show how money can corrupt even our values. Jared is Jewish and his wife Ivanka has taken up practicing the Jewish religion. The Kushner family purchased the linked above property in New York’s high rent district close to his father-in-law hotel. At the time it was seen as a future profitable venture that could bring in billions for the family, probably with the understanding that enough would be available for Dad who was and still is in prison.

Jared during the purchase period sunk and enormous amount of the family fortune into this venture and to-date has tried desperately to find other funding methods for complete development of this property. Now, as the president’s son-in-law he has been very active in finding some financial backer or foolhardy group that would be willing to follow him into this deep hole or possible sell the property so he could recoup some of the families millions he has already placed in jeopardy.

Now getting back to the corruption of values; Last month his father-in-law made very racist statement against his religion, and others I may add, but Jared and Ivanka have tried to wait out the storm of controversy because he and Ivanka are desperate to use the office of the presidency to further their place in daddy’s administration that will afford them avenues to monied resources that will bail them out of that disastrous real estate purchase. Please if you haven’t click on the link above, the information tells it all.

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