Take a few minutes to analyze the three photos in this message and write down what you see.   Our views and perspective of life varies from one person to another.  The eyes from which we see things will vary.
Can you name 15 things that you see in the pictures below? While doing so try to think outside the box while analyzing the picture.  You will quickly discover that life is not always what you see, life is not simply black-and-white there are some time areas may not seem so clear.
At times there may be joy in a situation or other times we will be faced with disappointments in life.  This exercise was meant to give you an opportunity to first understand how important it is to follow your discernment,  spend a little time to analyze a situation, never jumped to conclusion when you’re visualizing something or you’re being presented with the situation first take time, we should get in touch with how comfortable we feel with the opportunity at hand and how we will handle it.
In order to properly analyze the picture or any given situation, first gather your facts prior to drawing a conclusion. Also understand there is a message in every picture.  I pray this information helped you to frame your day as you go forward with your daily routines today.
How did the items you scribe from this picture fall in line with your vision for life?
Donna Sharpe

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