Today I sat in a doctors office and watch the interesting process of casting a leg. There were several people who undergo casting of a particular part of the leg and or foot. Some for injuries consisted of:  to the Achilles’ tendon,  knee or ankle.  At that moment is when I realize that when your leg is casted, your leg is  restricted from most of your common movements and you are faced with limitation of  for six weeks minimum to allow the proper recovery time.

As a result of the healing process, weight cannot be applied to the leg because this will assist in reducing the inflammatory response.

Although the muscle may atrophy during that time, the length of healing is minimal in comparison to how quickly rehabilitating  can positively affect the healing process once the cast is removed.

Sometimes in life restrictions limit our progression, but allows us time to properly regroup and heal. The time you spend healing now gives you a greater appreciation of how we sometimes take the littlest things for granted. Here is why:  the walking patterns changes, the pace of movements is slower, the activities are limited, showering becomes interesting, only one shoe is necessary, your balance may be affected and the items normally carried becomes a little more challenging.

So be thankful of your current stage of functionality and understand that tomorrow is not promised!  Although it’s not the most comfortable state to be it  allows for greater appreciation for our exhausting ability to freely move around.

🙄  Donna Sharpe

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