Medicaid Has Political Influence

The fight to protect health care entitlement repeal

struggles in the Senate



Medicaid may be the next “third rail” in American politics. Even in the south relating to the picture on right from Jackson, MS medical rally. Resistance to cutting the health care program for the poor has emerged as a big stumbling block to Obamacare repeal, and Republicans touch it at their political peril.

If the Republican congress succeed in their repeal efforts, clearly I would think we’d be seeing a transfer of power in a year and a half,says some GOP strategists along with one influential GOP Gov from Ohio John Kasich, who has called the Medicaid overhaul proposals of his fellow Republicans “unacceptable.”

An overhaul that would cut nearly $800 billion over the next decade and leave 22 million fewer people covered in Medicaid has gone too far. Today, we await the next senate vote that is still in doubt with senate majority leader not even telling his own leadership team which repeal or replace bill they will voting on tomorrow. So far all three plans have their opposition republicans and the procedural vote success leaves us all questioning Mitch McConnell motives for even call for a vote.

Over the weekend Senate Parliamentarian called into doubt parts of the repeal amendments that do not meet reconciliation which call for a 60 vote passage instead of the now 51 votes need to pass any bill. With serious opposition from Republican governors who took on the medicaid expansion a vote to pass this legislation is causing undue blowback for republican senators from those states.

E. Bishop III, The Money Connection

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