Can Money Buy Elected Officials

Everyday since both parties (Democrat & Republicans) have settled their individual standard bearer for those perspective political groups, My email accounts have been flooded with political ads. 90% of those ads are literally begging for money. All of those ads Democratic candidates but nothing from the Republican candidates. Why, you may ask, well they are funded by the top one percent group of this country, whose sole purpose of electing their candidates is buying political power.

Our government is for sale to the highest bidder, those who have the most money. I ask again “Can Money Buy our Elected Officials”??? When I was in elementary school and anyone going into high school had to pass a mandatory Civic Exam, I never in my wildest dreams could fathom one day seeing my democratic government for sale. I abhor those politicians who have and seriously believe that they can purchase a seat at the table of government. Have they forgotten that We The People are the government and for both parties to take up the banner of money buying elections and without money they cannot win. In 2008 when my brother Barack Obama ran for the office of President I gave monies to his campaign, but since that time while working for his election a simple reality came forth that we have forgotten. Obama didn’t entirely win elected office because of money, he won because of his people power. And we as The People Of The United States have forgotten that reality. I certainly hope that one day soon a politician will understand money cannot buy election unless we allow it to happen.

Today, two days before the election final I got an email from a very wise and powerful woman of the people not just her state but the united states who resides in the United States Senate (Elizabeth Warren) where she responded to those reader of her mass email where she said an I quote “We can’t match their unlimited buckets of money. But we can fight back with people power. Now after all those other candidates are bleeding the poor people for their last pennies, nickels and dimes, there is an elected candidate who really gets where the power of country lives PEOPLE POWER.


Thank You

E. Bishop III

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