How much do you know about voter suppression?? Gerrymandering and voter suppression go hand in hand. They’re both tactics used by Republicans to steal legislative majorities by making the votes of certain communities count less than the votes of others.


This NDR Committee is headed by our past US Attorney Eric Holder and President Obama. They both have extensive background in the Judicial System and feel that this cause is the most important cog in our rise for equal rights in the 21st Century. We must be able to vote and take our place in the political system which controls our daily lives both financially, socially and infrastructurally. That thinking was never more displayed than last Tuesday Dec 12th when the great red state of Alabama elected a Democratic US Senator. Which hasn’t elected a democrat since 1992, some of you weren’t even born, as this event shows the importance of voting and voting in big numbers. Hidden behind this historic election was the effort by some groups of leaders who took it upon themselves to investigate the election laws of Alabama and found loopholes that allow past felon to register for voting. Their effort placed over 5,000 new black voters on the roll. Now US Senator-elect Doug Jones only won by less than 21,000 votes, so that effort has already paid dividends for the Alabama Democratic Party. What the urban community receive from this effort will soon be revealed as Senator Jones will take his place in this divided congress. But, one thing we can use as positive is where US Attorney Jones has risen?? He successfully convicted a KKK Klansman for the murder of the 16th Street Baptist Church four little girls who died when that church was bombed in the late 60’s. A white man in Alabama sought Justice for those little girls and won a conviction in Birmingham, Al federal court. So now Senator Jones has a track record we can stand on as proof there is hope for something positive to come from his election. Let’s stay vigil watching how Senator Jones navigate the terrain ahead.

E. Bishop III, The Money Connection.Com

“Following the Money For Our People”

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