The Nature of the Owl



Wisdom is light.  If you let it into your being.  All around you are the signs and clues of all you ever need to be aware of.  Do you listen?  Do you see?  Can you see in the dark?  Can you see through the veil of illusion?

Watch out, pay attention for the clues of the moment, the instance of insight that can turn any situation around into magical manifestations.

Busy, busy, busy, noisy madness. Fools are those who let noise block out any chance of understanding and knowing the truth.  Your brain is of use, yes, but only to a degree.  Out of balance you miss so much.

Trust your heart and soul, trust your gut feelings and follow through with wise action.  Like we do with our prey, we wait, oh so quietly and patiently, observing, feeling, reading the situation, gathering signs, movement, smells, sounds, feelings.

Then let this trust guide you on the wing, swift, sure, certain, dynamic, fluid movement towards the object of your focus (mouse).

Swoop, grab, take and know it was perfectly balanced.  Look out into the darkness to know it is only the illusion.  If you look with all your senses you get all the information you will ever need.

Search with patience. Be still to detect your next need for motion. Act like lightning when the signs all show.

You will hit your target every time. You blend and merge stillness with decisive, guided action.  Power is in this blend.

Ms. Donna Sharpe,

Money Connection Blog Author

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