A New Crisis

Each day for almost months we have been hearing news of one crisis after another with our federal government?? How did we reach this level of incompetence and utter disregard for integrity? Money and Power the evil heads of a monster that has become so large that the general public is just awestruck our mouths open to WHAT – WHY – WHEN and the crisis goes on. The madness was supposed to have started on November 9th 2016 (my birthday by coincidence) sorry America it was not my fault, with the election of Current Monster Trump. But, as events unfold we find new revelations each day of complicity by those leaders who knew the Russians was interfering in our government but looked the other way.


Paul Ryan tries to deflect on leak that implicates him in a Russian cover-up. A picture is worth a thousands words. Each one of those monsters pictured knew about everything we are hearing today long before this month. The powers of money and its trappings can close eyes to reality. What do we gain from these possessions if we lose our faith, integrity and honor???

They preyed on our despair and weakness, banked on the country closing their eyes to their plans to rape, pillage and bastardize this land we loved so much. The sage continues if something or someone doesn’t speak out and react in powerful movements. We need every hand on deck to battle the storm raging, wake up America the fight for our country’s morals and existence is here. These monsters of evil intent don’t care about you or your families only their pockets and the power that total control of our lives can bring.

E. Bishop, The Money Connection

“Follow The Money People”

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