Compost King of New York

Money follows in every avenue we can think of and even our waste streams can produce healthy profits. As we sit back and complain about lost employment others are using their God given brains and talents to create revenue streams that will be millionaire makers for them an those who are like minded thinkers. I have been preaching to those who will listen” Those 20th Century Jobs are not coming back”, so lets stop complaining and beating up our political leaders and get to work in this reality show being played out each day. If we are to survive in this world economy new money making ideas must come forth. Traditional methods are no longer our safety net. WAKE UP PEOPLE stop waiting on others to provide the employment create your own jobs.

I found this article in my daily blog of other sites that caught my eye, someone who wants to create new revenue is now and will be for as long as we eat has a constant resource of raw material that he is using natural evolution of the environment to assist him in making money by using our table scraps to produce fertilizer and renewable gas energy. To finally attain this profitable venture there were obstacle but he persevered through to now be known as the Compost King.



E. Bishop

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