The Storm Is Here

Everyday our news is saturated with the total irresponsibility of our leaders who represent this country. Its shameful and totally out of character from what the world has expected of the United States of America. It has become a reality of spoken words from some respected news media personalities and I was just brought back to a sober conclusion when Maddow of MSNBC News last night in her commentary said their is no answer for what is being portraited as our chief executive officer (I won’t say his name anymore because it give credence to his buffoonery).

How do we survive this despicable storm?? I can only go back to my religious upbring when the Lord said “this storm shall pass”!!!  Just keep your dignity and perspective as the march to clarity begins. But, hold on because the waters will get rough and the ship will probably take on water but our faith must take us through. The tunnel has no light right now and our journey is long.

God Bless Each Of You As We Find Our Way Through The Wilderness

E. Bishop, The Money Connection”

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