Republicans Attacking Our Earned Benefits

Over the last year, Republicans in Congress have on numerous occasions attempted to destroy Medicare and Medicaid, while handing trillions in tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires. And now Trump’s budget reaffirms congressional Republicans’ attack on our earned benefits, that include a proposed $1.8 trillion in cut to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They’ve made it clear that they won’t stopped until they’re put out of a job or we put such a sustained humiliation upon them they will capitulate.

I implore each of you reading this article that the title above changes the narrative of how republicans have directed this conversation on how they feel our government is giving us something for free. Those of us who worked all our early years paid for these benefits with sweat and hard labor. And oh, how so easily they try to make us forget, we who are medicare recipients are still paying each month before getting our paid for social security checks. We earned that benefit also, with the acronym, F.I.C.A. I have seen that acronym so much on my paycheck, I first thought it was my uncle getting money from my hard work.

Don’t let these people fool you again about social security and medicare causing our National Debt to rise. All of those words and insinuations are not true, Fake News, really fake news that has allowed them to rob us blind. The first of the robberies took place many years ago under then President Reagan, when he took several trillion dollars from the social security trust fund under the guise it would be paid back. Not a dime “Louie” has been paid back to-date. President Reagan “Where Is Our Money” ??? Then he enacted a presidential order to remove civil service retirement from select branches of the government, those who had this benefit was grandfathered but could switch over to social security retirement if they wished. Those who chose to continue under civil service still had to pay into the social security trust fund but at retirement could NOT receive a dime of that social security, to which they had been paying into.

We the American citizens are still being robbed by those thieves who sit in that swamp called The Congress of the United States. Hoodwinked into believing that this problem even exist. Bamboozled, because most of us believe this hogwash.

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