Our First Lady

“Guidance To Our Young Princesses”


Yesterday, I came upon this brilliant video presentation from a Woman’s Conference in Philadelphia presenting our First Lady (The Real First Lady Michelle) as she was being questioned on her views concerning our young people especially young ladies. As a father and grandfather I would encourage my daughters and granddaughters to please watch this Youtube video from the women’s conference. The encouragement that the first lady gives to the young ethnic ladies who will be our next leaders is just phenomenal. The presentation is excellent and at the end because that day was the 25th wedding anniversary of Barack and Michelle marriage, our president comes on with a congratulatory message for his partner, friend and confidant praising their 25 years of a beautiful relationship. This last five minutes of the video was what brought me to view it in the first place but after seeing it in its entirety I felt compelled to send this blog article and let the viewing audience see for themselves what a wonderful person our first lady was and still presents herself in the utmost professional manner. But, the message to our young ladies (our Princesses) is just what the doctor ordered

E. Bishop, The Money Connection Blog

Ps As I post this article for the viewers I find that Google has taken the video down and won’t let anyone view this interview that gives our young people hope for their future. Are the organizers of the women’s conference so money hungry that they will deny our young people the privilege of seing and feeling the power of our first lady??? I think whoever took down or caused the video to be taken down is an ugly cruel person to deny our female children this opportunity. SHAME ON YOU. My sincere apology to all of you who wanted to view this historic moment!!!

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