Our First Lady Farewell Speech

“Michelle Obama You Make Us Proud”



I hope for all you readers of our blog that each of you take heed and relish what a first lady is all about and there will be no other than the one who is leaving this White House on January 20, 2017. We followed her and our first black president when they walked the streets of Pennsylvania Avenue on January 19, 2009 to take possession of the house our forefathers built with their blood sweat and tears. On that day!!! we had no idea what this administration would become or how long the Obama’s would stay, but they have made that stay one of the most pleasurable experience that any president from George Washington to Georgie Bush Jr. who left in almost utter disgrace on a lonely nondescript ride in Helicopter One. No one missed him even his Republican coherts, but January 20th, a few days from now the nation will mourn for those gracious days of dignity and respect for the Office of the White House that the Obama’s gave our country throughout the 8 years they occupied this huge complex that was a beacon for our country at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. The symbol for our nation and hope for the free world.

Farewell First Lady we love and have hope now that you and Barack have shown the best of our ethnic society. We are not monkeys or neanderthals our race comes from the height of intelligence that began between Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Valley. Below the fruits of that intelligence shows in one of the most memorable speeches in Michelle’s career as Flotus.


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